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[List] – Chaos Magic Surges

A magic surge is when arcane power goes wild and acts in ways the caster never intended it to. They can be good or bad (from the casters point of view), but they all share the same rule that they are unpredictable

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D20 x
1 All vegetation within 1 mile turns invisible
2 Any water within 50 feet turns into acid
3 Caster finds nothing amusing and can't laugh or even smile for 1d4 weeks
4 Caster gains services of an elemental until next sunrise
5 Caster grows a tails like a fox
6 Caster is accused of a crime in their hometown
7 Caster is pinned to the ground by chains of gold. This chains remain and are valuable.
8 Ca...
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Need Wild Surges? Here is 10 of them!

  1. Next mirror caster passes shatters; may appear to be an omen.
  2. The caster polymorphs into mammal appropriate for the area, or a random type if inapplicable.
  3. The target takes least possible damage from attacks by the caster.
  4. The target smells strongly of garlic in the presence of vampires.
  5. The caster ‘s nervous system vanishes, but he is unharmed.
  6. The target degenerates 1 HP per round for the next 30 rounds.
  7. Next fire started in area .
  8. The enchantments of all weapons and armours within a 50 foot radius area around the caster invert their bonuses for 7 rounds. I.e. +3 becomes -3..
  9. The target ‘s cloak becomes a clock.
  10. The caster ‘s alignment seems different to each person checking it.
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