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Tavern Kit 2 & the RPG Round Up

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Tavern Kit 2 cover

Tavern Kit 2

The Tavern Kit was one of Ennead Games first generation of products. It was released in several parts, covering the name and symbol, the features of the tavern and much more.

Now, taking the information contained in the multi-part kit it has been combined, expanded in some places and generally tidied up to make a better more useful product.

In this updated & compiled Tavern Kit you’ll find:

• A system for creating the name of the tavern and deciding on its sign & symbol
• The features of the tavern – What are the walls like, the floors, the doors, how many rooms does it have etc.
• The internal details, such as any decoration, smells and sounds you may encounter
• Quirks, features or secrets about the tavern
• Tables to help flesh out the owners, staff and any patrons drinking and eating in the tavern
• Need to come up with a menu for the tavern or decide what type of drink they are serving? Worry no longer
• What accommodation or other services does the tavern provide
• What happens to anyone who gets a bit too merry and drunk…..

Please note that if you have the original Tavern Kit, most of the information you have from that will be in here.


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Very soon available at – 

d20pfsrd.com and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

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Random List – Tavern Names

Need a name for your watering hole and traditional adventure start location ? Roll a d10 and check below to see what you get!

  1.  The Teeny-tiny Guitar
  2. The Staff
  3. The Willow
  4. The Wooden Shot
  5. The Wooden Dragon
  6. The God & Mushroom
  7. The Bull
  8. The Great Guitar
  9. The Troll
  10. The Gargoyle
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10 more tavern names

  1. The Bucket
  2. The Broken Slug
  3. The Bush & Bull
  4. The Dizzy Flag
  5. The Hammer & Elephant
  6. The God
  7. The Demon
  8. The Bush & Tourmaline
  9. The Harp & Bat
  10. The Ashamed Harpy
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10 Tavern Names

  1. The King’s Domain
  2. The Horse and Horse
  3. The Crow and Cyclops
  4. The Baron and Priest
  5. The Scarlet Valley Inn
  6. The Crimson Knight
  7. The Monk’s Lair
  8. The Tinker’s Throne
  9. The Swaying Sage
  10. The Bronze Herald
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Tavern Menu

Grits (poor, 1 cp)
Scrambled eggs (poor, 2 cp)

Peppered beef rib chops with dried mushroom (decent, 6 sp)
Broiled herring with liver pate (good, 5 sp)

Rye Bread (bland, 6 cp)

Chocolate pudding (good, 7 sp)
Thrent‘s chocolate chip cookie (good, 5 sp)

Rainwater (bland, 9 cp)
Cow’s milk (decent, 4 cp)
Goat’s milk (good, 1 sp)

Cinnamon Spiced Wine (good, 2 sp)
Wine (Aveline Thorngage Valley Special Reserve Wine) (good, 1.4 gp)
Berduskan Dark (terrible, 1.2 gp)

House Special
Sunrise Essence (superb, 2.8 gp)

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