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10 book titles (with a few authors as well)

  1. The Codex of Logrid
  2. Canyon of Horrors., by Mesutab Shibugra Augusta Williams of Menosira (Fiction)
  3. The Firlendish Charges, by Zawadi Wamocha of Hardin
  4. The Essays of the Ten Highwaymans, by Lord Bancel the Unstoppable and Ivar Thorolfsson Finehair the Red (Fiction)
  5. History of Dialectic
  6. Adventures of the Six Virgins, by Thaaru Edbaraz Stenka Soloveiovich (Fiction)
  7. Legends of the Conquest of Atruaghin by the Red Orcs 1257 BC, by Mogenina* Rigarschreich the mighty (F)
  8. Aryera of Whitecrystal’s Book of Artificing
  9. The Collection regarding Development of Fealty, by An Sa
  10. The Craft of the Nedeller
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10 Book titles

  1. Tales of the Happy Wizard
  2. Powers Regarding Runecraft
  3. Life of Saint Dragamer
  4. Hopeful Songs
  5. Unholy Powers of the Protection Deity
  6. Elven-Orcish Dictionary
  7. Guide to Carpentry
  8. Tales of the Zealous Wench
  9. Wheezing Swamp Atlas
  10. Life of Saint Zelada
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10 Book titles

  1. Unknown Mysteries of the Northern Cultures
  2. Hopeful Verses
  3. Hopeful Poems
  4. Travels of Largath
  5. Guide to Assassination
  6. Mystical Rites of the Southern Regions
  7. Unknown Lore of the Sun Deities
  8. Sagas of the Barbarian Plains
  9. Voyages of Cryserla
  10. Weapons of the Empire
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