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10 Drugs and Tobbaco descriptions & effects

Drug: Distilled Iron Toxin
The Vial has a triangular shape and the glass is citron, it has vertical ribbing texture. The liquid in the vial is opaque ebony, it taste like fresh apples, and it has a musty smell.
Addiction Rating: High
Drug Delivery Inhaled
Satiation: 2 days     Damage: 1d6 Dex/Wis, 1d2 Con
Initial Effect: User is panicked for 1d4+1 rounds and can only take partial actions for 1d6 minutes after that.
Secondary Effect: 1d4+1 enhancement bonus to Charisma for 1d10+15 minutes
Side Effects: None
Overdose: If more than one dose is taken in a 8-hour period, the user immediately takes 1 point of temporary Dexterity damage.
Save: Fortitude (DC 14)
Cost: 840 gp
CR: 7

Tobacco: Cool Guard
Effects: None.
Side Effects: Headache.
Cost: 4 sp

Tobacco: Ranger’s Coca
Effects: None.
Side ...

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3 abusable substances

Drug: Distilled Powder
The Vial has a triangular shape , it has vertical ribbing texture. The powder in the vial is opalescent ivory, it taste like sweet carrots, and it has a dusty smell.
Addiction Rating: Medium
Drug Delivery Ingestion
Satiation: 5 days     Damage: 1d4 Dex, 1d4 Wis
Initial Effect: +2 alchemical bonus to Wisdom and Strength for 1 hour.
Secondary Effect: 2 point of temporary Strength damage
Side Effects: This causes euphoria. While the drug is in effect, the user takes a -2 penalty on all initiative checks.
Overdose: If more than one dose is taken in a 12-hour period, the user takes 2d6 points of damage. Using it four or more times in a 24-hour period deals 4d6 points of damage and paralyzes the user for 2d4 hours.
Save: Fortitude (DC 10)
Cost: 295 gp
CR: 2

Tobacco: S...

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