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[Generator] – Trap Concept

The latest online generator “Trap Concepts” has gone live. It can output things like:

Exploding Lock

Kneeling Needle

Skittering Box

Ageing Tree

Impaling Chair


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[PDF] – Quick Generator Trap Concept

Quick Generator Trap Concept

The Quick Generator series are two related tables designed to give you a quick outline, concept or idea prompt. You won’t find 100’s of tables or paragraphs or text to wade through, just two sets of dice rolls and you get a result from 10,000 possible outcomes.

This Quick Generator covers Trap concepts, giving you a list of effects and possible trapped objects or room parts – combine them and you have an idea for a trap. But what the trap actually does and how lethal it is up to you.

Example Results

  • Agonizing Handle
  • Decapitating Book
  • Devouring Door
  • Poisoning Candle

Available now at –


Very soon available at – 

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A Chunk of Fantasy 2.07 – Roulette Room [Trap]

A Chunk of Fantasy 2.07 – Roulette Room

“Is it me or does that look like a giant spinnable disk. I’m a gonna go spin it…”
– Last known words of party scout and rogue

The so-called Roulette Room is one of the most expensive traps ever devised. It was made by a group who wanted to test them self and had access to practically infinite gold and resources. The trap is simple yet deadly and amusing at the same time, depending on your luck.

The Roulette Room (RR) is a multipart trap. The first is the room itself. Entering the room without the right deactivation key (a small black ball) or pass locks the doors after 30 seconds with an audible click. Escaping from the room at this point is hard, but not impossible...

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A Chunk of Fantasy 1.01 – The Shocking Door [Fantasy – Trap]

Today is the start of the new(ish) Chunk series, what used to be called Campaign Chunks and RIGS are now combined into one and their options expanded. Will be covering different genres on each Wednesday and Thursday, with Wednesday being Fantasy/Medieval and Thursday being SciFi/Modern. Each post type will be marked with an appropriate [tag] to make searching easier and to show you at a glance what the Chunk covers. Each tag will have their own modified format but will typical follow the same base outline structure with intro/flavour text, rough mechanical details about the subject matter and text explaining or going over the subject.

A Chunk of Fantasy 1.01 – The Shocking Door [Fantasy – Trap]

“The door stood there, looming and menacing, yet none could say why. They needed to get past it...

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Chunk – Trap – Door of Doom

English: This is a strike plate that is includ...

 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Trap – The Door of Doom

Although this rather ingenuous and highly configurable design has no official designation the “Door of Doom” has been called many things in its time, from “Deadly Door” to “Chamber of Blood” to “No way in the 9 hells I’m going through that thing, not after what it did to Gorrik”. The design is rather complex to install and is banned under many guild laws. Anyone caught installing one is these is banned from trading for life and reported to the relevant authorities.


This door looks more like a small chamber, big enough for 1 average sized person to stand in it. It has two doors, an inner one and outer. The inner door will not open when the outer door is open and vice versa...

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