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Chunk – Trap – Door of Doom

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Trap – The Door of Doom

Although this rather ingenuous and highly configurable design has no official designation the “Door of Doom” has been called many things in its time, from “Deadly Door” to “Chamber of Blood” to “No way in the 9 hells I’m going through that thing, not after what it did to Gorrik”. The design is rather complex to install and is banned under many guild laws. Anyone caught installing one is these is banned from trading for life and reported to the relevant authorities.


This door looks more like a small chamber, big enough for 1 average sized person to stand in it. It has two doors, an inner one and outer. The inner door will not open when the outer door is open and vice versa...

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5 randomly generated traps

A daze monster spell (Will DC15) is activated (CL: 5; CR2) when a trigger stone is stepped on
(Search DC12; Disable Device DC19).

A magical rune (Sleep (1d6 min.) (DC16)) inscribed on a door
(Search DC30; Disable Device DC30).

Scoop net activated (DC13).
The trap is activated when anyone enters the area
(Search DC14; Disable Device DC21).

A gust of wind spell (Fort DC18) is activated (60′ line) (CL: 8; CR2) when a tripwire is touched
(Search DC18; Disable Device DC18).

Crushing walls move together (19d6=66).
The trap is activated when loud noise is detected
(Search DC16; Disable Device DC16).

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5 traps of various high DCs

Ceiling Trap: Weighted net activated (DC18).
The trap is activated when a chain is pulled.

Door Trap: There is an open pit on the other side of the door.

Outdoor Trap: Wide-mouthed spiked pit trap with poisoned spikes (70′; Memory Key (BoEM1) and Heartthief (BoEM1) (Type: Injury or Ingested. Damage: Specific target forgets specific memory (DC16). Magical Poison: Lose memory closest person (Will DC16). CR4)) (see CR9 Trap in DMG) (CR10)
Wide-Mouth Spiked Pit with Poisoned Spikes: CR 9; mechanical; location trigger; manual reset; hidden lock bypass (Search DC 25, Open Lock DC 30); DC 20 Reflex save avoids; 70 ft. deep (7d6, fall); multiple targets (all targets within a 10-ft.-by-10-ft...

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Daily Traps

Ceiling Trap: Crushing ceiling descends (20d6=72).
The trap is activated when a magical trigger is set off.

Door Trap: This door is filled with hidden pockets of Green Slime (CR4). Any undue force will cause the hidden pockets to burst in a 5-foot square that deals 1d6 Con damage per round as it devours flesh. On the first round of contact, the slime can be scraped off (most likely destroying the scraping device), but ater that it must be frozen, burned, or cut away (dealing damage to the victim as well). Anything that deals cold or fire damage, sunlight, or a remove disease spell destroys a patch of green slime. Against wood or metal, green slime deals 2d6 damage per round, ignoring metal’s hardness but not that of wood. It does not harm stone.

Outdoor Trap: Fireball trap (5d6) (CR4)

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