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[List] – 20 Infernal/Demonic True Names (and Use Names)

Infernal and Demonic beings can be a tricky bunch, particularly¬†when they often have two names, one being their true name and the other a name or title for mortals to use. Here’s 20 of em for your use. Just be careful if you try to say these ones outloud…

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D20 True Name (Use Name)
1 All'ularrh-rh (Mucuspile )
2 Aoea-aroudh-oo (Blastblue the Spiteful)
3 Aych'de (Slobberthrust Rheumgore )
4 A'yiie'pp-gu-eihhyu (Dogwight Spumerotten )
5 Ba'aocc-ffeexaayba (Blackbane Mangesweat )
6 Buernur'denurak (Banewart the Feared)
7 Chya'th-ma-mm'zh'ff (Spewmaul )
8 Da-q'eo-madu (Spidercackle the Dealmaker)
9 Duhldh'qudhrhmu ...
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