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Streaming Info – Part 2

I realized last night I forgot to add quite some things to my post yesterday about the streaming I’m going to be doing soon, so seems appropriate to continue today with some more information about it.

Whats the channel?

The twitch channel is MobiusTempus. An EnneadGames channel will probably be coming later.

When will I start streaming properly?

I’ll be running a few more test streams to set up OBS and the other software, but I’ll be “officially” start streaming 5th of December 6pm GMT, for probably around 2 or 3 hours or so. The planned days will be Tuesday, Thursdays, with alternate Saturdays starting later (for the STA game – time to be decided but probably 7 or 8pm GMT) and Sundays being a bit earlier, at around 2pm GMT...

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Coming Soon – Twitch Streaming Channel

Last night I did a test run on my twitch channel – which can be found here. Originally I was going to name it after Ennead Games, but after a bit of thought, I decided not to, as I might want to set up an official EG channel in future which will be covering Ennead Games related materials and games and so on. This will probably include live chats about products, some behind the scenes stuff.

The MobiusTempus Channel will probably be covering:

  • Star Trek Adventures: Damocles games – I haven’t yet tested roll20/skype and OBS (The software I will be using to stream) together, BUT on the tester I ran last night, I played a bit of Star Trek Online (seemed appropriate to me really) and once I had adjusted the layout, seemed to go ok, so I am hopeful the proper game will run ok...
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