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Spell Options 9 – Universal Options details and the RPG Round Up

Spell Options 9 – Universal Options

For many a seasoned adventurer and explorer, magic can become, whilst still a useful tool, boring. You know what a certain spell is effective for, or how potent you need to be to use the spell found on a scroll.

The Spell Options series is a way of tweaking existing spells without using feats. You can change the colour, make the spell weaker and thus easier to cast or make them more powerful but unstable.

This volume focuses on options that can be used for multiple spells, some more applicable than others.

The options in this volume…
Casting Time
Casting Volume
Counter Reaction
Counterspell Resistance
Damage Range
Dispel Resistance
Favoured Target
Level Effect
Material Component
Material Cost
Spell Volume

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RIGS SciFi 2.08 – Omni-Nom Universal Nutrient Drink

RIGS SciFi 2.08 – Omni-Nom Universal Nutrient Drink

“Folks, how many times have you been exploring the various worlds the Great Imperium controls when you realise, oh no, you forgot to pack lunch. In fact, you have no food what-so-ever and you can’t risk eating the local wildlife, we all know what happens when you do that! Luckily you remember that you had your emergency can of Omni-Nom, pre-activated via your home decider-a-tron to be a refreshing blast of Ultech Red. Phew, emergency averted! You don’t want this happening to you, so get your can of Omni-Nom today!…”

Activation: Place in the decider-a-tron, then open via ring pull
Complexity: 10%
Condition: Virtually perfect
Control method: N/a

The Omni-Nom Universal Nutrient (ONUN) Drink is a small, “programable” beverage in ...

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