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[Weekly Update] – 11th of September 2019

It’s Wednesday, so it’s time fr another weekly update. It’s quite a short one this time.


No new PDF’s as such last week. New one due out next week.

World Anvil

I forgot to do a WA page/article last week. My bad! Honest mistake.

World Anvil Easthalen Page


Guild Wars 2 is progressing nicely. Got to level 71 last night. The plan is to get the Core map 100% done, then I can focus on the storyline for the LivingWorld and the two expansions etc. Have set things up nicely for my eventual return to ESO as well at some point and been tweaking with some mods and so on.

Twitch – Main https://www.twitch.tv/mobiustempus

Other Stuff

Got the first of a hosted generator/list done – Post Apocalyptic Trinkets.

 Where to find & support Ennead Games online
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[Weekly Update] – September 4th 2019

Its weekly update time and got a few things to cover this week!


The latest PDF – “Empire Builder – Era Names” is now out and already in the top 10 (at time of posting) for both “Under $5” and the Small Publisher chart…yay!

Semi related , as suggested to me on twitter by Josh Nickles (@techpickles) , I have created a sci-fi themed collection bundle which gives you most of the item that I have made that are sci-fi and modern themed – it can be found HERE.

Generators & Lists

Got the first of hopefully many hosted generators/lists – This is from Spilled Ale Studios hack of a certain post apocalyptic game and gives you 100 trinkets that may be found when you explore the wasteland. These can be used as novelties, trading items, or even raw materials. The Gen/List is hosted HERE.

World A...

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[Weekly Update] – 28th of August 2019

Time for another quick update. Not much to say on this part as it been a quite , yet at times, hot and humid, week.


Last weeks PDF – “Helpful List 1K Series – 2 – Antagonists” did ok, wasn’t expecting it to be a big seller, but it sold a few copies so that made me happy.  The next one should be a Quick Gen. Kinda related to this, with Affinity DTP I have found that making the PDFs a lot faster, once I have set up the templates. Word is still being used for writing and so on, but now it’s just a case of inputing the text into the template – assuming I have the PDF template made and it needs only minor changes. This has sped up my workflow by quite a bit...

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[Weekly Update] – 21st of August 2019

Time for another weekly update. Doing this has definatly been helping me to structure my week and plan things, so, for now, they are here to stay.


This Monday saw the release of the latest PDF , the second in the Helpful List 1K Series – HL 1k V2 Antagonists. Despite me making a silly spelling mistake, this was the first made using Affinity DTP program and with minor tweaking here and there will be the basic format I’ll be using. Cover – Social/Store Info – Intro/Legal and Credits/ – Content Page (Maybe with a “How to use” bit) – Actual Contents. Making templates and so on i so much easier now. The hard part is the actual details and design choices  – That is whats going to take time to, well, perfect or at least improve on.

World Anvil

Last weeks WA article was about the Alchemic...

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[Weekly Update] – 14th August 2019

Not much to update about this week, so lets get right to it


The latest PDF “Helpful List 1k Series – Antagonists” has been done. But this time it will be the first done with Affinity/DTP program. Not every PDF will be made with this set-up to begin with. There will be a , well, transition period where I do it more and more until they are all done this way.  Things like master pages, layouts, text formating and the like will take time, but each one I do will mean that ones made afterwards will be a bit faster or better (up  to a certain point of course)

World Anvil

Last weeks WA entry was an update of an older post from this blog – Necromantic Octahedron...

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