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Wednesday Update – New List category

Time for another Wednesday update – might make this a regular thing! The previous list (Positive Adjectives) has been moved to its own page as it is now virtually complete. The new set will be science themed.

The new list already has the periodic elements along with their abbreviation.

The lists types will be semi-random to begin with, as I want a broad range of lists, not just themed around one category for weeks on end.

If you have any suggestions for categories you’d like to see, let me know. If it’s one I am already working/planning on putting it, it will be bumped up the queue.

My plan/goal to do at least one blog/site related thing each day is going well. Having a number on my notice board that says how many days I have done so is a great motivator, almost like a score in a game...

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Update on things

Time for an update on things. I have been adding to the list page every weekday for almost the last week now. One of my goals was to add at least one list (or list part) and so far I have been adding three! In the process i came up with an idea that may or not work, time will tell.

The Lists main page will feature the current list collection I am working on – which at the moment is Positive adjectives. When this collection is complete I will then move to it’s own page, which will be linked to the main list page. So in effect, there will be two parts. Links to previous lists and the current one on the same page. This is an experiment of sorts. If the pages become too bloated or take too long to load, please let me know as I have no other way of knowing...

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State of Things – A Ennead Games/Blog Update

What’s this? A blog update? But I thought it had been abandoned I hear you cry!

Worry not! This blog post is, as the name suggests, a way for me to update you about how things are going and what I am doing about stuff for the future.

First things first – Unless my financial situation goes really belly up, the blog and the generator will not be going anywhere (more about that later). The last few weeks, well, months if I am brutally honest, I was on the verge of burning out along with some other mental health issues. So, I wound things down, like with my workload for EG and the blog.

Whilst I don’t want to say I am back to full strength, mentally speaking, I am doing better, but will still have to take things easy...

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Update on things

You may have noticed I have not been making many PDFs this month. Not to worry! I have been taking things a bit easy this month due to what can best be described as “ongoing health issues”. The summertime is always particularly hard on me. Yes, we get summer in England and I enjoy all two days of it 😉  So for the next few months I am going to be bringing out only 1 or two pdfs a month, then once things settle down will try and ramp things up.

It’s nothing to worry about, honest, just one of those things I have to do from time to time. One thing I am planning on doing is to revamp the categories on DTRPG to make things easier for customers and so on, such as putting all the free items in one, all the Creature Generators in their own and so on.

In the mean time, dont forget that over at ...

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Modified Streaming Schedule

Due to some technical issues with the games and streaming software I’ve had to modify the games that I am running on HERE. As far as I can tell it’s not one thing that’s causing the problems, but a combination of the games being old, my system not being 100% perfect and having to run in a window, rather than having two screens (for game and OBS/Streaming software that is needed).

This means that on Thursdays will be playing another MMO – Assuming no issues will be Star Wars – The Old Republic and on Fridays am jumping ahead to Fallout 3 (then NV and FO4 once they are done). This will be added to the “set up a guild/group” plan for playing with others and so on. I think this will be it for MMOs for me, for the foreseeable future at least.

Saturdays still remain the same – Planned to have ST...

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