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Random List -20 Legendary or Mythical Weapons

Legendary Mythical Weapons are famous weapons that had a massive impact on history. A few of them may be argued to be simply stories but others are real and have achieved legendary or mythical status due to the impact they had on various cultures. See how many you recognise without searching on the internet.

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1 Caladbolg
2 Durendal
3 Excalibur
4 Fragarach
5 Gan Jiang & Mo Ye
6 Gram
7 Green Dragon Crescent Blade
8 Harpē
9 Joyeuse
10 Mjölnir
11 Pasha
12 Pashupatastra
13 Ruyi Jingu Bang
14 Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegār
15 Sharur
16 Sword of Damocles
17 Taming Sari
18 Thuận Thiên...
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RIGS 3.10 – Forge of the Supreme Weapon

English: A typical smithy in Finland. Shot dur...

English: A typical smithy in Finland. Shot during a tourist trip to artist blacksmith Jesse Sipola’s smithy next to lake Bodom. Tourist working to aid the smith in smithing by using a sledge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RIGS 3.10 – Forge of the Supreme Weapon

“Each time she swung her hammer against the metal I swear the sparks would change colour. One moment they are bright red, the next an amazing green, then a sky-blue. I was later told this was the reaction of her hammer and the anvil, molding the power provided by the flames of the forge itself. Each spark was a manifestation of the Holy Blacksmith into the material plane. Each blow of the hammer was a prayer, each folding of metal an offering...

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Random List – Large Weapons

This week’s random gives you 20 large weapons, some obscure and not often mention Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

D20 Large Weapon
1 Axe pole
2 Bardiche
3 Bec de Corbin
4 Demi-lune
5 Fauchard
6 Fork military
7 Glaive guisarme
8 Guisarme fork
9 Gun stock club
10 Knobkerrie
11 Korseke
12 Lucerne hammer
13 Man-catcher
14 Partizan
15 Parizan ox-tongue
16 Pike & Awl pike
17 Saber-axe
18 Spear-guisarme
19 Tetsubo
20 Voulge


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Random List – 20 starship weapons

Need a weapon for your starship? Roll a d20 and check below to see what you get!

[table caption=”Title” width=”500″ colwidth=”20|100|50″ colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]

D20,starship weapon
1 , Capital-Class Delaying Nuclear Nullifier
2 , Capital-Class Standard Spatial Torpedo
3 , Mark I Piercing Maser Rocket
4 , Mark II Assault Particle Charge
5 , Mark II Custom Laser Digitizer
6 , Mark II Twin-Linked Nova Shard
7 , Mark III Rapid Repulsor Impactor
8 , Mark V Variable Nova Rocket
9 , Mark VI Guided Plasma Cannon
10 , Mark VI Unstable Repulsor Pulse generator
11 , Mark XII Hyper Electro-magnetic Rocket
12 , Mark XIII Enhanced Exotic (*) Projector
13 , Mark XIV Retro-fitted Acidic Impactor
14 , Mark XIV Variable Neutronic Cannon
15 , Mark XV Negating Exotic (*) Projector
16 , Mark XV...

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Fantasy/Medieveal Weapon Kit P1 Sample – Ranged Weapon Chart




Ranged Weapon




Bow – Composite


Bow – Long


Bow – Short


Crossbow – heavy


Crossbow – light


Crossbow – repeating



Need more? Then get the full kit, with more charts and examples here

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