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20 Wild West Names and Nicknames

Something I am going to start doing with a little bit mote regularity is using the Friday list to highlight some older pdfs. Today’s is “Wild West Names & Nicknames” and can be found here and here.

The first 10 entries on the list are female, the next 10 are male.

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D20 Wild West Names
1 Calla "Bitter Creek" Ireland
2 Frances "Cheyenne" Hillis
3 Gertrude "Flapjack" Quimby
4 Jessamine "Bean" Real
5 Kittie "Kid" O'Kones
6 Lorraine "Whiskey" Spire
7 Luz "Muddy" Andreas
8 Olive "Bishop" Uhler
9 Paralee "Smiley" Yancy
10 Samantha "Yellow" Edsell
11 Denver "Lonesome" Ramsay
12 Joeph "Dirty" Samson
13 Joes...
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Wild West Name & Nickname Generator now live

A new generator this week – Wild West Names & Nicknames.

This generator uses information originally found in “Wild West Names & Nicknames” and can be purchased here at DrivethruRPG and Open Gaming Store.

Wild West Names
# Female Names Male Names
#1 Leontine “Ugly” Quimby Corneilius “Dirty” Divine
#2 Amy “Kiowa” Herington Porter “Snake” O’Fallan
#3 Ruth “One-Gun ” Kingsolver Fred “Lagger” O’Leary
#4 Eudora “Durango” Creagen Bennet “Hondo” Enders
#5 Emilie “Turkey Creek” Dewolf Frank “Deadwood” Greenwood
#6 Hazel “Wichitaw” O’Brian Galen “Bushwack” Pembleton
#7 Greta “Gold-rush” Hefner Edd “Cheyenne” Peasley
#8 Georgia “King” O’Harra Virgil “Tombstone” O’Hara
#9 Dolores “Stone River” Heyatt Marshall “Calamity” Hatcher
#10 Anne “Huckleberry” O’Connor Church “Buckski...
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April Mega Bundle, Wild West Names and the RPG Round Up

April Mega Bundle Deal @ Open Gaming Store

The April Mega Bundle Deal is ongoing at the Open Gaming Store. For $20, you are getting over 190+ pdfs, which is almost everything that EG has on sale at OGS. Individually, this would cost you close to $300.

Rather than list everything in the bundle (check out the page for all the titles) some of the highlights include:

  • Tavern Kit 2
  • Backgrounds and Details Kit 2
  • 40+ Feat books
  • All the Campaigns Chunks series
  • A huge amount of generators to help prompt your imagination and for inspiration

Something to bear in mind about this offer is that once it’s done, it will probably not be run again for a long time, if it is ever run again, so now is the perfect oppertunity to get the bundle. All ready got it? Tell others about it!

Ennead Games Megabundle!

Wild West Names & Nicknames

The Wild West era focuses on the Western United States in the second half of the 19th century. It was a time of gold rushes, cattle rustling and of course, the so-called Cowboys.

There were also robbers stealing that hard-worked for gold and silver, women that wanted a shot at fame and much more.

All these people had names and this publication is for naming them, giving you first names, surnames, and even nicknames. Combined you have several million possible combinations to work with.

This pdf gives you 8 d100 tables

2 x d100 female first names
2 x d100 male first names
2 x d100 surnames
2 x d100 nicknames

Plus another 2 of pre-made examples to help get you started and save you time

1 x d100 premade female names
1 x d100 premade male names

Sample Female Names
Annabelle “Dakota” Slocum
Lorraine “Snake-bite” O’Reilley
Pearl “Steamboat” O’Connor

Sample Male Names
Boyce “Gravedigger” Banks
Montgomery “Six Gun” Ramsay
Zachariah “Black-hand” O’Connor

Available now at –


Very soon available at – 

Open Gaming Store and Paizo online stores soon (store links)

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