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[World Anvil] – Port Ar

Port Ar

“Port Ar is the last stop before you get to Guldaria ,. Trust me, you better off dealing with this borderline lawless place than the hyper regulated ones in that place. I hear they have guards that read your mind there! Here? Keep your business legit, pay your taxes and fee’s and all is good…And sorry about the dead bodes there…”

– Typical conversation with new visitors to port Ar

Port Ar (Sometimes jokingly referred to by outsiders and visitors as Port Arrrrr) is the northern-eastern most port of the Elf-Dwarf Alliance . It is believed the name came form a noise/sound one of the founders made in frustration over trying to decide on the name. Other tales say that its orginal name was much longer and complicated but started with Ar and the shorter name stuck...

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[World Anvil] – Dagger of Rot

Dagger of Rot

Death does not come quickly to all

It has no power now, but when it did this dagger was one of most famous weapons in the whole realm. Legends say it was the blade that Furtha The Uncharitable used to inflict the Zombie Rot on the last queen of the Angors. Yes, thats right the queen who’s body rotted apart as if she was dead, whilst she was alive, her every living moment an agony of pain and suffering. Even though she was hated by many, I still say that what that dagger did to her should not be inflicted on anyone…ever…


The Dagger of Rot has a short blade with a bluish tint to it. It curves at the end slightly and has a hooked part to it. The guard is an odd type of gold that seems more yellow than golden...

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[World Anvil] – Albedo’s Surgical Scissors

Albedo’s Surgical Scissors

The arrow was in deep, too deep. If it was pulled out it would do a lot of damage, but it could not be left in there. The only choice was to cut it out. Luckily for the patient, my mentor Albedo, had gifted me his enchanted surgical scissors. Placing them against the wound the scissors begun to work on their own, cutting the flesh around the projectile, the patient was in no pain, in fact, they seemed to relax. The arrow-head was loose and could be removed. The flesh had grown back a small amount, enough to help us close the wound.

 The Surgical Scissors were originally made for a surgeon who saved the life of a powerful cleric. His god demanded the debt be repaid and so the cleric made him a set of tools to help in the task...

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[World Anvil] – Helm of the Horse

Helm of the Horse

Unleash your inner horse

The Horse Helm is quite impressive really. The High Priest used it to channel the power of his horse-god. It makes me laugh that people think it’s only restricted to horses. It’s not that limited. I have seen someone become a centaur, and even what resembled a dragon-like monster. The funniest use was when my good friend Bert wanted to become a centaur, but he had never seen one before and got a horse head and body of a man, I had never laughed so hard in my life!

  The user of the Horse Helm in effect can transform into any quadruped, but horses are the most common used and for many the easiest to mentally come to grips with. The more potent the form, the harder it is to stay in that shape...

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[World Anvil] – Eye of Explosive Light

Eye of Explosive Light

I was the last one to see, hah, the eye in action. It was incredible, the light was mesmerizing. Then she unleashed its power. All of it at once. By the grace of the gods I was far enough away to not be seriously harmed but the explosion was like the birth of a demon made of light”. I was blinded for days. When my vision returned, I went back to the battle site. All that was left was a massive crater. No living soul remained, only their gear and equipment. At the bottom of the crater was the eye and nothing else.  Hermious Gren, General of the Elf-Dwarf Alliance 

   The Eye of Explosive Light is not technically an eye, but a small glass orb, about the size of an eyeball...

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