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[World Anvil] – O.R.B.


For your viewing pleasure

Look I know how to get this thing working. I paid enough money to watch they broadcast and the damm thing isnt …oh wait you’re right i need to activate it….

— Typical O.R.B. user when they first get the item

 O.R.B aka ORB is a system of connected scrying orbs used for entertainment purposes. It is believed that the term O.R.B originally meant something like “Object of Regular Broadcast” but the inventor has since passed away. The system itself is quite simple. There is a central “Broadcasting” Orb. This transmits through the magical ether to orbs that are connected to it...

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[World Anvil] – Forge of the Supreme Weapon

Forge of the Supreme Weapon

Each time she swung her hammer against the metal I swear the sparks would change colour. One moment they are bright red, the next an amazing green, then a sky-blue. I was later told this was the reaction of her hammer and the anvil, molding the power provided by the flames of the forge itself. Each spark was a manifestation of the Holy Blacksmith into the material plane. Each blow of the hammer was a prayer, each folding of metal an offering. If the smith was worthy and said the right words, Her spirit would become imbued into the weapon or armor, improving the quality of even the most humble of pieces

 The Forge of the Supreme Weapon (FSW) is an unusual item in that it is used to make other items...

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[World Anvil] – Farbrough Penal Colony

Farbrough Penal Colony

Where some of the worst are sent for their crimes

“Welcome to Farbrough Penal Colony, your new home”

— Wardens “Welcome” speech to new inmates

 Farbrough island is a remote island that can only be accessed by a 30 mins boat ride. It sits off the mainland and is surrounded by shark infested water that is bitterly cold, even in summer. It is about 2 miles across and relatively flat, but with high cliffs and only one beach, with little to no natural wildlife. It was all these details that made Farbrough Island the ideal place to build a prison colony. Built around 147 years ago, Farbrough Penal Colony originally had just one prison area. The rest of the island was left open to the wilds...

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[World Anvil] – Golden Statues of Oong

Golden Statues of Oong

Golden, mysterious and bound together across the world.

I have seen 3 of these things so far. Great big statues , each one the same: Tall, golden, unmarked by the passage of time, with an arm out raised. I found one whilst fleeing a manticore, who when they came close fled, screaming like a kicked pup…the silence around them is almost deafening…

 The Golden Statues of Oong are named after the first person believed to have discovered them, Sellianous Oong , a female orc explorer down on their luck. The story goes that she found the first statue deep within a jungle and that led her to the second and so on. Sadly the location where she discovered the statue is not important, due to the fact that they move once a certain condition has been met. The 12 statues...

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[World Anvil] –

Scroll of the Conclave

By signing this, you have brought the world on the path to healing. We have all seen that there are many terrors “out there”. We needed to work together or die alone. And today…today we have begun to show just what we are capable of doing

— Erus Cambell, Signing of the first Conclave

 The Scroll of the Conclave, is, technically speaking a class of items. But often when people refer to a Scroll of the Conclave (SotC) they mean the first and most well known, the one used by Erus Cambell, the bringer of Peace at the first Conclave of House-Nations . Although the method of construction of the original SotC is not understood, scryers, diviners, mages and so on, have been able to careful study the scroll to duplicate it’s effects, but at a much lesser poten...

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