10 April 2021

Ennead Games

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Two new generators , Knights and Watchmen

Two new generators have gone live this week, Knights and watchmen. Previews and links to them can be found below.

Knights The knight’s house’s colors are… Black.
The knight’s house’s symbol is a/an… spider.
The knight has sworn to a noble lord or lady to… Protect that person from harm.
Above all else, the knight values… Carousing.
The knight is armored in… Plate armor.
The knight’s armor is… Obviously repaired, but serviceable.
The knight is wielding… A lance and a longsword.
The knight’s mount is… A huge destrier.
The knight is… A popular tavern patron.
On the knight’s face is… A hard-set jaw.
The knight carries… A blade made of blackened steel.
Retainers The servant is… A camp follower or harlot.
The servant works for… No reason, other than being told.
On the servant’s face is… A foolish grin.


General The watch’s colors are… Navy blue.
The watch’s symbol is… A raven.
The watch’s captain is… A grizzled veteran.
The watch’s attitude toward their captain is… Friendly and loyal.
The watch has a reputation for… Incompetence.
Most members of the watch are outfitted with… Helms and breastplates emblazoned with the symbol of their city or lord.
Most members of the watch are equipped with… Halberds and daggers.
Individual Investigators The constable is… Ruggedly handsome.
The constable works for… The steady pay.
On the constable’s face is… A faraway look.
The constable carries… A blade made of blackened steel.
Individual Guards The guard is… A foreigner.
The guard works for… A chance to escape from life imprisonment.
On the guard’s face is… Fearsome sideburns.
The guard carries… A highly polished blade.
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