29 July 2021

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[Update] – 23rd of December 2020

Not much to say this week, been taking things easy and trying to deal with the regular mental issues, which is always “fun” as you can imagine 😀 (sarcasm mode off)



The next PDF is due out on the 4th of January  and will cover holiday/festival outlines for empires and kingdoms etc. If it’s not ready for then then there will be something at least, even its just some bundles and so on, or maybe a sale.

Speaking of sales, Ennead Games is taking part in the itch.io Winter Sale – 50% off almost everything!


World Anvil

No new WA this week –  I need to organise stuff with regards to WA more so I can publish more – Exceutive Dysfunction (one of the “fun things” having ASD/ADHD can gift you) is a pain in the buttocks when you want to get things done!

World Anvil Easthalen Page


Streaming and Vids

  • Tried to get Car Mechanic Sinulator 2015 working but for some reason (which might be obvious but i am missing) I could not get OBS to capture it. The game worked fine, but was not regonised.
  • ESO – In the new year I want to start attempting to push through things more so will do more off stream plays, espically with the Oblivion themed expansion teased recently
  • Farscape Watch Party – Getting to the end of season two now and despite my router deciding to update IN THE MIDDLE OF A STREAM (rant mode off) things having been going well, espically with the added but of fun of Farscape Bingo 😀


Goals and To-Do List

Goal Current Goal # To Go
Twitter – Followers 1,094 2000 906
Twitter – Tweets 39139 50,000 10,861
Twitch – Followers 222 500 278
Youtube – Subscribers – Custom URL 19 100 81
Youtube – Subscribers – Monetization 19 1000 981
Youtube – Uploads 188 200 12
Youtube – Views 494 10,000 9,506

Not a huge amount of change here, but as mentioned before I cant moan really when I not been pushing things with regards to YT etc.


Repeating Weekly Goals/Tasks Done?
Add a new generator to the gen page/updated old one n
Add a pdf collection or item to itch n
Uploaded stream to YT y
Biweekly Goals/Tasks
World Anvil Article n

Definatly a week where things not gone as well as I wanted them to.


One-Off Tasks (Listed in order of when they were added) Status
Logo for Website/General Use
Re-make the social media table for posts
Update Farscape Bingo with more entries from TV Tropes semi-done
Foundry Module template for Ennead Games stuff done
Install GitHIB sw done
Learn GitHIB stuff ongoing
Work on the “100 x d100” pdf/book content ongoing
Install Visual Studio done
Learn Java Script ongoing



Other Stuff

Added a couple of new programs this week for the learning of Java Script, this is for the Foundry Module project. I’ve got the basics/template sorted now I just have to figure out how to convert/export my tables etc into someting for Foundry, thats the hard part. But, once done, will be easier for me, its just that initial first run/template I am struggling with.


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