23 September 2021

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[Update] 6th January 2021

First update of the year – and I didnt mess up the date…huzzah! Last week or so was a slow one for me, deliberatly so as I took some time to just, well relax. Which was good due to some kidney stones issues creeping up on me a day or so before Xmas.


New PDF this week was “Empire Builder – Holiday/Festival Outline” – Another part of the Empire Builder collection.  The idea of updating and putting all the EB range into one PDF or even book is quite appealing. But for now, its a “Add to the idea pile” sort of thing.

Starting next week, I’ll be hlighting older PDFs with the tag [Hilight] on alternate Mondays. I have a spreadsheet with the PDFs i am selling listed. Will probably go through them in alphabetical order or similiar, but thats not a definate, just the default if there is no theme or a particular PDF i want to hilight for any reason.


World Anvil

As mentioned above, nothing was really done last week, but I do have a planned article for tommrow about a prophercy in Easthalen with connections to a group called “The Children of the Sun”

World Anvil Easthalen Page


Streaming and Vids

Stream Channel Link

  • Streaming/ESO: Got to a good point in things for , ending a storyline that had abit of a sad ending and some personal RP growth for Vah’len the Khajiit, who started off hating Vampires, then figuring out some where basicaly victims and then some could be objectivly good and kind, to liking a few and then ending up rescuing one, only to end with another, one whom he called freind, sacrificing himself. In games terms it means nothing, but found it amusing as I have been playing him that he hates vampires, necromancers and so on.
  • Watch Party/Farscape: Season two is done and we have started on Season 3, with it’s updated budget and new title sequence! Two more seasons to go 3 in you include Peacekeeper Wars as seperate)

Video/VT Channel Link

  • Welp, guess who forgot to upload a vid this week. No YT problem, was a “Ohh bugger it” moment I fremembered that i had not done it during last night during ESO.


Goals and To-Do List

Ongoing Goals Current Goal # To Go
Twitter – Followers 1,091 2000 909
Twitter – Tweets 39244 50,000 10,756
Twitch – Followers 222 500 278
Youtube – Subscribers – Custom URL 19 100 81
Youtube – Subscribers – Monetization 19 1000 981
Youtube – Uploads 189 200 11
Youtube – Views 502 10,000 9,498

Not much canges, but as have mentioned before not been pushing things. F Next thing for me to do is figure out a plan for pushing things more without being spammy.


Repeating Weekly Goals/Tasks Done?
Add a new generator to the gen page/updated old one y
Add a pdf collection or item to itch y
Uploaded stream to YT n
Biweekly Goals/Tasks
World Anvil Article n/a


Other Stuff


I am waiting for somewhere like Humble Bundle etc to bring out a collection that has Javascript for Beginners, so i can start learning it for what I am calling the FVTT Project (Foundry Virtual Tabletop). Its one of those things I am struggling a bit with , mentally speaking (yay ASD strikes again), but know once it all clicks will be good thing. So just have to keep plugging away and then one day “By Jove…I have it!” . From next update FVTTP will have its own section, more to help keep me than anything, structure my thoughts and so on.


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