17 January 2021

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Wednesday Update – New List category

Time for another Wednesday update – might make this a regular thing! The previous list (Positive Adjectives) has been moved to its own page as it is now virtually complete. The new set will be science themed.

The new list already has the periodic elements along with their abbreviation.

The lists types will be semi-random to begin with, as I want a broad range of lists, not just themed around one category for weeks on end.

If you have any suggestions for categories you’d like to see, let me know. If it’s one I am already working/planning on putting it, it will be bumped up the queue.

My plan/goal to do at least one blog/site related thing each day is going well. Having a number on my notice board that says how many days I have done so is a great motivator, almost like a score in a game. I can promise I *will* be getting back to putting generators on the site, but right now i need material to I can legally work with. There are many, many games i would love to put their table content up on here, but obviously, as I don’t have permission, is a no-go .

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