Weekly Update – 10th July 2019

Hi folks, Chris here keeping the weekly update train going. Seems that phasing posts back in gradually seems to be working , focusing on one at a time until it becomes a habit, seems to be the way to go , rather than dumping a lot on at once and having my brain go “nahhh not having this” – Anyway, onto the update proper!



Got three books this recently (i know I have a “problem” lol), Ghosts of Saltmarsh, Acquisitions Incorporated and a PoD(Print on demand) copy of one of my fave DnD settings, 2nd edition Spelljammer! Next month the Alpha Quadrant book for Star Trek Adventures comes out, much excitement!



There were a Humble Bundle pdf and token bundle on sale for a silly price I just *had* to get. I was going to link it, but on checking, I saw that at the time of posting there was only a few hours left. I would recommend though checking out these two bundle sites Humble Bundle and Bundle of Holding, with HB often having book/pdf related deals (sometimes rpg related) and Bundle of Holding being rpg related materials exclusively – at the time of posting they have two Conan related bundles. Have to point out, not sponsored by them but a regular customer.



Currently have 2 games “on the go” right now. Borderlands 2 and Final Fantasy 14 – Shadowbringers

Have finished my first run of Borderlands 2. Not done all the DLC yet but working on the second playthrough where the fun levels are great, even if I die a lot.

FFXIV is simply put, amazing!. Am a little behind as the last Friday/Saturday had a bad case of heat-induced nausea, making focusing and concentration hard. Turns out it might be related to the ASD and the brains perception of temperature and so on.


Things I am working on

  • Trying to design a “social” page to put into PDFs that has things like the website, twitter, ko-fi and so on in a format I am happy with is not as easy as I first thought. It’s not a high priority right now, but when I get it done in a way I am satisfied with, all future PDFs will have this page near the front.
  • New 1k list of names, broken down into various sub-tables – the plan is to have two in this mini-series broken into two parts with the “standard” fantasy races in one and the less common ones , like lizard folks, dark elves etc in another. I am not too keen on calling them “good” or “evil”, but i think the original species works better.