24 September 2021

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Weekly Update – 10th July 2019

Hi folks, Chris here keeping the weekly update train going. Seems that phasing posts back in gradually seems to be working , focusing on one at a time until it becomes a habit, seems to be the way to go , rather than dumping a lot on at once and having my brain go “nahhh not having this” – Anyway, onto the update proper!



Got three books this recently (i know I have a “problem” lol), Ghosts of Saltmarsh, Acquisitions Incorporated and a PoD(Print on demand) copy of one of my fave DnD settings, 2nd edition Spelljammer! Next month the Alpha Quadrant book for Star Trek Adventures comes out, much excitement!



There were a Humble Bundle pdf and token bundle on sale for a silly price I just *had* to get. I was going to link it, but on checking, I saw that at the time of posting there was only a few hours left. I would recommend though checking out these two bundle sites Humble Bundle and Bundle of Holding, with HB often having book/pdf related deals (sometimes rpg related) and Bundle of Holding being rpg related materials exclusively Рat the time of posting they have two Conan related bundles. Have to point out, not sponsored by them but a regular customer.



Currently have 2 games “on the go” right now. Borderlands 2 and Final Fantasy 14 – Shadowbringers

Have finished my first run of Borderlands 2. Not done all the DLC yet but working on the second playthrough where the fun levels are great, even if I die a lot.

FFXIV is simply put, amazing!. Am a little behind as the last Friday/Saturday had a bad case of heat-induced nausea, making focusing and concentration hard. Turns out it might be related to the ASD and the brains perception of temperature and so on.


Things I am working on

  • Trying to design a “social” page to put into PDFs that has things like the website, twitter, ko-fi and so on in a format I am happy with is not as easy as I first thought. It’s not a high priority right now, but when I get it done in a way I am satisfied with, all future PDFs will have this page near the front.
  • New 1k list of names, broken down into various sub-tables – the plan is to have two in this mini-series broken into two parts with the “standard” fantasy races in one and the less common ones , like lizard folks, dark elves etc in another. I am not too keen on calling them “good” or “evil”, but i think the original species works better.


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