20 September 2021

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[Weekly Update] – 18th of December 2019 – Last update of the year!

The last update of the year! Will be the 25th next week, then after that, well, it be NYD! The next weekly update will be covering my plans/goals for the year – Weather or not i achieve them is another thing, but having something to guide me will help. Will probably be a big old post of stuff and things will change as circumstances permit.



The last PDF was Name Maker Real World Volume 2 – German and it seems to have done ok, not horrible, but not brilliant either – This was to be expected with a very niche item.


World Anvil

The Combination of Vulang and World Anvil is frankly, amazing. I will be delving into it some more in the new year to see what it , and I, can do.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page



Despite a few issues, streaming is still going on, with STO , looking at the numbers, being the weekly stream that pulls in the biggest numbers. Part of me want to do that more, BUT, and i speak from expereince, I do NOT want to burn out on it again. Took me over a year to get past that last time and I suspsect if it happened again it would take longer to sort out – something i do NOT want.

  • M – ESO – Am still technicaly in the first region story arc (not counting Elswhy) – The game is much bigger then i gave it credit for, this will be lasting for a long time
  • T – STO – Finally in the Delta Quadrant and dealt with Cooper – The amount of things from this and the next arc that influenced my STA game is , well., amusing. The amount of times i have caught myself thinking “ooooh, THATS where i got that idea from…”
  • W – GW2 – Have finally, after literally years and technical issues, beat the base game for the first time. All other times i had skipped the last mission because i couldnt complete it. Now I have..Great Success! Currently working through the Living World Season 2 before hitting Heart of Thorns expansion. This is another game that will take me ages to finish and I am ok with that
  • T – LOTRO – Still in Bree/Old Forest for now, but ass this is a slow playthrough where I try to do all the quests (apart from those hobbit delivery /pie quests…eff them) so I am overleverled as much as possible for Moria and eventually Mordor, I am fine with this.
  • F – Outer Worlds – This game…dammm. Didnt play it last week I was having a bad brain day, but i love it to bits. and have found out there is a DLC expected to come out next year as well…wooo hoo!

Twitch – Main https://www.twitch.tv/mobiustempus



Other Stuff

I have recently acquired HitFilm Pro bundle from Humble Bundle (at the time of posting this it was still ongoing) , a video editing program. This is mostly for my own amusement and as a non-rpg related hobby, but  I *may* be releasing the vids I make with it. However, the first few I made have so many IP materials in it that will never happen, but for my own personal amusement, this could be fun. The best bit is I have picked up the basics very easy, but I am under no ilussions that it will take me a while to fully get to grips with and configure how i want.


In the mean time, I bid you all a merry festive season, and may the dice roll ever in your favour!


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