20 September 2021

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[Weekly Update] – 20th November 2019

Weekly Update time – gonna be a short one 🙂



No new PDF last week. Next week got the first of the Resource Packs out. Was originally going to make a large one, but smaller and themed seems to work better. They can be combined into one volume later


World Anvil

No WA/Easthalen article last week as I was running dammed updates and backups. Shall return tomorrow!

World Anvil Easthalen Page




The new schedule is still up and running. Fingers crossed the STA should be on for this week after multiple players were ill etc.

Twitch – Main https://www.twitch.tv/mobiustempus



Other Stuff

EGGenBot – my twitter rpg material bot- has stopped working for some reason, am investigating it to figure out why. Nothing has cropped up yet.


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