29 July 2021

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[Weekly Update] – 22nd of July 2020

Time for the weekly update!



No new PDF last week as DrivethruRPG is running their “Christmas in July” sale, with many Ennead Games pdfs 25% off!

More items are being added to the itch.io store every weekday. Between the widgets and ease of uploading products I am really liking how they work. A few minor niggles with things (such as putting the dates in for bundles and sales, sorting out the main page and setting up early bird discounts dont seem to work properly – but they could be an issue my end) but overall very impressed with things.


Site Generators

Related to the above, I have started to go through  and begin the updating of the generators on the site to the new format. One of the things I love about itch.io is the ease of making the various pdf widgets. These are being added to the web-pages as I update them, so you will notice an increase in the activity of the “just been updated” box on the main page. As with the streaming side of things (see below) not forcing myself to do THIS PARTICULAR THING right now works well. I have a massive spreadsheet in google docs that is keeping track of what gens are done, which ones have been updated or have the widget added and so on. Its going to take time, but by allowing myself to do the work when I have the mental energy/spoons/slots to do so is , whilst still early days, feels like its working better and I’m getting , paradoxily, getting more done.



Even though its only been a week and a bit, the more relaxed/smaller streaming schedule really seems to be working. Someone in chat even commented that I seem to be more upbeat and energetic compared to the last time, so that was nice 😀



Have started re-uploading vids to youtube now as both a back-up and , hopefully, another potential source of views/income(eventually) – The channel can be found HERE but there are a lot of vids missing/big time gap due to me not exporting streams on the regular.  The plan is to do so on the Monday of the following week – this covers all vids from the previous week. For some reason though, the 2nd vid for Slime Rancher went live before the first one, so use the playlists rather than the vids as they are uploaded. Not sure why this happen, YT shenanigans i imagine 😀




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