17 June 2021

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[Weekly Update] – 23rd October 2019

It’s Wednesday Update time. The migraine finally buggered after a week but damm do i feel drained. Still got an easy-ish week so that helps!



No new PDF week, but at the time of posting, DrivthruRPG is doing a Halloween Sale which has 9 days left, and Ennead Games PDFs that are part of it can be found here.


World Anvil/Easthalen

The Golden Statues of Oong, a set of statues modeled after the gods that set up a pilgrimage of sorts. Follow this for a boon from one of the gods.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page




ESO had an update this week which caused a delay in the servers coming back up, so did a full-on stream test of GW2 with the new internet setup. And, so far, it seems a success.

As mentioned before , next week will be horror/spooky themed games, starting with Observer, then, after that, on November 4th the new rotation begins:

  • Mondays – ESO
  • Tuesdays – Star Trek Online – With this being STA last leason the Damocles and crew will live on in a fashion as i model the ship and crew after the characters from the STA game
  • Wednesday – Guild Wars 2
  • Thursday – LOTRO – Starting a new character, a hobbit minstrel, which should be interesting as I have not played a “healer” type character for a long time
  • Friday – Dubbed “Freedom Friday” – This day will be a whatever day. By that I mean there will be no set game, it might be more ESO, STA or even a non-mmo game. Once I have reorganised the Discord to my liking then polls /feedback on what to play will be done there

Twitch – Main https://www.twitch.tv/mobiustempus


Other Stuff

I mentioned Discord above. I have a idea/plan in which to do a bit of revamping, but to be honest, I need a guide to help me out on things. It’s not a big rush/high priorty, but will be expanded on with roles and so on.



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