23 September 2021

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[Weekly Update] – 27th of August 2020

Not much to cover this week. The update is a day lat due to me having a  on tuesday and wednesday. Its cleared , still feel a tiny bit blergh, but not to a bad level.


The Equipment Maker series came out. Specfically #10 – Cocktails.  Next week should see “Holy Book Name Generator” in the quick gen series. As the name suggests, it is for coming up with the names/title for the Holy Book, or texts for various religions. This can give output like:

  • The Song of the Custodian
  • The Emissary Commentary
  • The Liturgy of the Duality


Site Stuff

As you can see the site is now up and running with the new theme. I was a bit sad to see the old one go, but new features for worpdpress and so-on made the descion for me. This is giving me the chance to add new things that I have been meaning to so for a while as I update the generators, add new ones etc.

Two things will stand out, the first has allready been added, the second very soon If i can get it working.

The first is some affiliate links for drivethru and other sites. I am commited to not having ads on the site and as long as I can afford to do so, I will keep things ad-free. Affiliate links help with that that. For those unaware, an affliate link, to say DrivethruRPG is a product link. If see something you like and but from my link, I get a small %. It doesnt cost you anything, its a “thank you” from Drivethru for sending people to them. Plus is a good way to see other products you might not have known about. For the moment will be just DTRPG, but more may come in the future. All affliate links will be marked or indicated in someway.

The second new page I will be adding is one that links and shows my streaming and my you-tube vids. This is going to be a bit more fiddly to set up, with embdeds and so on. But if I can get this to work, will be a handy way to drive views to the vids and streams.

Speaking of streaming….



Gave Prison actitect a try last week. Was ok, but not a “me” game. Going to give Planet Coaster a try tonight. HZD is still great fune but sadly, i dont have a machine that can run the game AND stream at the same time. its great but HZD is a major resource hog.


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