13 June 2021

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Weekly Update – 29/05/2019

I want to say it’s been a fairly quiet week, but have got quite a few things done:

  • Had small panic attack when I realised I had 100% forgot to do a cover for “Empire Builder – Fortifications”
  • Sorted that out and released the aforementioned PDF – which has done ok so far
  • Started work on next PDF – another Quick Generator about Antagonists Concepts, this one themed around sci-fi types
  • Streaming – STA – Had a good storyline start things off that might have permanent repercussions for one of the players with an idea that we’re bouncing between us. This is something I absolutely love when it happens in a game when a player approaches the GM and says something like “I have an idea regarding (x)”
  • Semi-released the Deck of Decks. An idea I had for something related to 5e and was going to be the first thing I did gear towards 5e specifically. IT needs a LOT of work and still may happen, but, not for a while
  • Reorganised things on DTRPG. Created some new category headers. Not 100% happy with them but they will do for now and make things easier for stuff in the future.
  • Started reorganising files on my HD. Whilst I do have a “system” (HAH) right now, you should always go over things and re-order them if needed. Am getting to that stage right now.
  • Trying to come up with a plan and do some research into something I mentioned on a previous post about free hosting generators/tables for others, without coming across as “doing it for exposure”

Got another post coming today where I get down to some “real” talk about things and myself. It’s nothing bad, but something about myself I’ve been needing to get off my chest for a while. Stay tuned!

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