23 September 2021

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[Weekly Update] – Date goes here

Hiya folks, is a Wednesday so its time for an update



Last weeks “Fake Dinosaur Name” generator was released into the wild and has done a tad better then I expected a rather niche item to do, not complaining at all.

Next week, the companion product to go along with it “Creature Description Generator #11 – Dinosaurs” will be released. A bundle with the name generator and a second one with Lifeform Maker and Mutations will sold at the same time.


World Anvil

I think this was one of my longest articles to date on WA – This one is based on events that have happened in my TTRPG campaign. Quite like writing this as it was aimed at my players, to give them a bit of background to an important event for them.

World Anvil Article Page

World Anvil Easthalen Page



Other Stuff

  • Itch.io – Got a long of things to work through with itch on the Ennead Games Itch.io page. The main task to start with is uploading the various PDFS to there , setting them up etc. I am quite pleased with how easy it is to set up the basics. But I need to add in screenshots of pages manually (boo – my only “gripe” so far lol).
  • Product Page – Once the above is done, I can start going through the lists and making a Product Page , powered by itchi.io widgets, a very simple way of doing things. In effect This creates buttons that allows you to but a pdf straight from itchi. All i have to do is post the correct code etc on the page. It looks like if i make a change to the itch price, then this changes the widgets automaticaly, but i suspect there might be a slight delay, which is fair and understandable
  • Streaming – The scratch to stream stuff again is coming back. I do want to do it again, but not sure when. I have to set things up with OBS/Streamelements. I was using SLOBS before, which is fine, but OBS/SE aallows more flexibility. Downside is its a tad more fiddly to set up, but can do much more.
  • Generators – Yes I will be returning to doing generators again, converting the older ones to the newer perchanse powered system. It just takes time and mental energy. The big spreadsheet/planner i did a while ago is making things MUCH easier to work through and my ASD brain loves seeing things organised like that. When I update each generator or add a new one, I can place the expanded Icth.io widget on the page. This is one of the reason I needed to get things sorted first. It took me a long time (longer then i wanted, but I have learnt to not punish myself for things I cant control, like my neurodivergence issues). But now the process has begun, it will happen..just will take time.




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