Whats in your rpg book collection?

Whats in your rpg book collection?

Didn’t really have a topic for today, so thought I’d share some of what I currently have in my growing collection of RPG related books. Rather than list every single one (unless people want me to do that) I’ll break it down into system/games etc. These range from 1st edition D&D items almost as old as I am, to brand new only got published a few weeks ago.

  • Babylon 5 – 5
  • Call of Cthulu – 3
  • Cypher – 16
  • D&D – 50
  • D20 – 1
  • GURPS – 4
  • Middle Earth – 3 (but two more can be found under D&D)
  • Misc/Other – 12
  • Palladium – 18
  • Pathfinder – 24
  • Star Gate – 5
  • Star Trek – 2
  • Traveller – 4
  • Warcraft – 7
  • Warhammer – 16 (This includes Dark Heresy, WFRPG etc)
  • World of Darkness – 29

If my maths is right that is close to 200 books. This does not include Theory books, article compilations, fluff items like for art etc. With the new lines coming out at Gen-Con, such as StarFinder, plus a few of the ones I have kickstarted or got my eye on via places like Ebay, I can easily see that total heading towards 250. I may have to get a new shelf unit to hold them!

So, whats in your rpg collection? Anything in particular hold pride of place?

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  • Whats in your rpg book collection? – GAME  says:

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  • Will Adams  says:

    My collection is mainly PDFs because I spent most of my life in South Africa and shopping was prohibitive, but I have aquired the following in print since being in the UK

    AD&D – PHB, DMG, Monstrous Compendium & the following box sets – Forgotten Realms, Night Below, Spelljammer & Astromundi Cluster
    Cypher System – Numenera Reliquary Box & Jade Colossus, and No Thank You Evil
    And a selection of quick starts from Free RPG Day

    Pride of place had to be the Reliquary Box, it’s gorgeous

  • Mobius  says:

    I used to have a Spelljammer set and many more, but I have no idea what happened to them. I suspect they got lost during one of the many moves I had to make when younger

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