29 July 2021

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Deklan – Death and Endings

“You mortals think that death and things ending are bad or evil. So many of you fail to see that the death of one thing can allow many others to flourish and begin…” 

Avatar of Deklan addressing his followers

 Pronunciation: – Deck-lahn 


Death as a concept is one that is, if not worshipped, then respected in many cultures. Without death, the cycle of life could not progress properly and everything must come to end in some fashion. Deklan is the deity of this concept made manifest. Deklan is a deity that has no known true image, always presented as a cloaked figure that only reveals their face and nature to the one they are escorting to the afterlife. It has lead to the saying about “seeing the face of Death”, similar to “brush with Death” might be on other worlds. It is said they take on the form you are expecting them to be, so can appear as male, female, nb, young, old and many other forms. As such, they can be refereed to by any pronoun and some texts about them switch regularly between she/he/they, with they being the most common one used.  

Early Life

Very little is known about Deklans early life as a mortal, even compared to other gods. This has lead historians and scholars to speculate about them. Even those who have been granted an audience with Deklan and were able to ask relevant questions were not able to get much. All that has been reveled so far is that there were given a item by an older relative when they were younger, a necklace they wore all their life. This necklace was said to be a good luck charm that would save them in their most dire moment. This necklace, was, as you might guess, a Godshard .  


The ascension of Deklan began in the moment of his death. The shard he had been unknowingly carrying with him spoke to them and made the offer that all godshards make to their chosen. His death had been triggered by being mugged on their way home, some opportunistic mugger thinking to make some quick coin of this unsuspecting wanderer. The moment of ascension for Deklan is one they have, oddly, shared quite a bit. Time seemed to freeze for them, and they veiwed their body from outside it, the mugger standing over it with a almost delightful grin. “You wish for this not to be?” they were asked. “Of course..I wish to live!” “I can no offer you life as you know it, but an existence that is more than the one you had, more than that frail shell could ever offer you. It will not be easy, but you will be beyond what that form could ever do for you.” On accepting the bargain from the shard, as with others, a wave of energy pulsed out from their body, reflecting the shard to which they had now become bound. Every living thing in a mile radius died instantly, plants, animals, even people. For many years this puzzled investigators until Deklan reveled themselves and the nature of their ascension.

Divine Domains

  • Death
  • Ending
  • Rebirth
  • Reincarnation
  • Resurrection

Holy Books & Codes

Deklan has as many holy books as their are cultures who follow them. In may ways Deklan has the most believers, but few open worshipers, as its believed to be distasteful to worship death outside of the natural order of things.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The primary symbol of Deklan is the cloak, covering the face. This shows Death is visible, but the detail are often unknowable.

Tenets of Faith

  • Death is the natural order of things
  • Resurrection is possible, but only if the soul desires it
  • Necromancy has it purposes and uses and not inherently evil, only how it is used.
  • Everything comes to an end at some point


Deklan has two holidays, one at the first day of the 6th month (Mid-Year) and the end of the 12th month, sometimes refereed to as Years End.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

  • The primary goal of Deklan is to make sure that when something “dies” it is is proper time and that the soul is gathered and taken to its appropriate afterlife, if any.
  • The destruction of wilful undead, such as liches, who seek to extend their life by unnatural means is heresy of the highest order.
  • Creatures such as vampires and those who had undeath forced upon them are cured or treated if possible, if not given a quick compassionate and painfree true-death as possible. Those that chose it willingly without coercion are made to suffer


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