27 September 2021

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Today is, hopefully, the start of a regular feature in which I combine the showing off the most excellent World Anvil and my game world, Easthalen, in one. The format/layout will evolve over time and fingers crossed, energy and health (mental and physical) this is something I’ll be aiming to do each week, even if it’s just highlighting an older article, Without further ado, here is the first I have picked – Chaos Fire, a arcane version of napalm.

Chaos Fire

It raced across the deck of the ship like it was alive, so fast and silent, seeking out the crew and burning them. One of the deckhands thought they could put it out with water…by the gods i still wished he hadn’t as that just made it worse…

— Aluan, survivor of the burning of the HMS Trudor

 A potent type of the so-called Greek Fire and napalm. This is what you get when “Liquid Fire” is infused with magic and ignited. Believed to be one of the main ingredients used in making in Umbral Bomb , although is more commonly used as a feared and hated weapon. This is only found in glass containers, as placing the liquid in anything else can trigger the burning effect within the container. It is believed, but not openly confirmed, that some of the primary ingredients for this includes:

  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Lithium

 Once exposed to air and the chemical has ignited, it burns at a great rate. The arcane nature of the liquid enables it to “seek out” targets, especially those most likely to burn and provide fuel for the ongoing blaze.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The container must be sealed and thin enough to break on impact yet thick enough to contain the liquid. Throwing it at the target causes it to break releasing it and exposing it to air, which triggers the initial burning reaction.

Manufacturing process

The process required the mixing of the required chemicals in the correct order and then using


This is an item of alchemical and military significance

Item type
Weapon, Explosive
Rare and Controlled
Base Price
100gp per use, minimum
Raw materials & Components
Some say the most important part of Chaos fire is the container. This is true to a certain extent as containing the volatile liquid in anything other than a glass container will result in unpleasantness.
An item known as a Alchemical Forge is required to make Chaos Fire and infuse it with the required arcane energy. Spontaneous creation of Chaos Fire can happen when making napalm in areas of high background magic, but this is rare and unpredictable.


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My World Anvil page/game world, Easthalen, can be found HERE. It is updated often , as and when I can.

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