29 July 2021

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[World Anvil] – Ediuan– Law & Order/Justice, honour

Ediuan– Law & Order/Justice, honour

“Without law, there is chaos: From chaos comes destruction, disaster and death…”

    • Precept 1 , Book of Ediuan


Ediuan was born to parents of nobility and high standing. A rich family, respected by many for the legal work they did for other rich families and, unusually for those without the funds. Into this family a child was born with stark white eyes, a major contrast to the black skin of her bloodline. Many saw this as an omen , a sign that Ediuan had been touched by fate and had a destiny to become great. Vert few knew just how great this destiny would be…   
Early Life
As with many of the 2nd generation of deity, only the details that she has passed onto her followers is known. Growing up among nobles and seeing how they treated those they believed to be “lesser” sapped the joviality from her at a young age. As she grew up and entered into the family business, the stories say, she become ruthless, almost uncaring in her pursuit of justice and following the law. The legends go onto to say that she became obsessive, pouring over old law book, finding loopholes for her clients and so on. If you were lucky enough to have her on your side, the chances on you winning your case was almost 100%. Some tales go onto to say that after being in the business for a few years, the mere fact that Ediuan was on your side would be enough for many of the opposing lawyers and representatives to simply give up and admit defeat.  
Ascension to divinity
Whilst all the details are sketchy at best, the ascension tale, with many variations, is well known. After saving the reputation of a certain unnamed dwarf, they were left a gift of some artifacts and items. Many of them were useless for Ediuan, but one turned out to be a Godshard . It had been manipulating events to get to Ediuan. It was a primal shard that belong to a god of rules and laws. It formed an accord with her. It would give her knowledge of the rules of the universe, the power and skill to enact true justice, to do the honorable thing. Legends say that Ediuan spent the rest of life alternating between her work and questioning the shard, trying to find loop-holes in the rules, clauses in the contract so to speak. It became an obsession, yet it never detracted from her work. Many decades later, as the end of her life drew naturally closer, she made the decision – She would accept the deal from the shard, to continue her work and become a literal force for the rule of law.

Divine Domains

  • Law, contract, rules
  • Justice
  • Honor – This domain more applies to keeping personal promises, which could be seen as being a type of contract

Holy Books & Codes

  1. Book of Law – Rules for the land and governments
  2. Book of Precepts – Rules for the people and individuals

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Many deitys have a scale to represent justice etc. Ediuan is the same, but with an open scroll underneath.

Tenets of Faith

  1. There is no higher power than the law
  2. Rules are not meant to be broken, but followed (with the caveat that loop-holes and so on are fine)
  3. The “spirit” of the law is as important as the letter of the law
  4. The only true evil comes from chaos
  5. Only promise something you know 100% you can keep to (unless an outside force prevents it)


Like other of the greater deities, Ediuan has a month named after her – The first month of the year. Her holy day is 15th , the day on which it was belived she ascnded to god-hood.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Ediuan has only two main goals

  • To bring order to chaos
  • Justice for all – no one is excluded


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