29 July 2021

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[World Anvil] – Meavona – Love/Relationships

Meavona – Love/Relationships

“The best relationships you will ever have in life, are those with people you choose to let into your life at the same time they let you into theirs” 

– Typical quote from a Meavona advocate

 Pronunciation : Me-a-vona


 Like all the Second Generation, Meavona was born mortal to a family that, whilst not abusive as such, was negligent. Left alone for most of her childhood, she wandered the streets of her home, the location and details of got removed when she ascended to divinity. What records she did allow to remain tell of a childhood filled with misery and border-line abuse. Meavona original species is believed to have been the so-called halfling.   

Early Life

 At some point, Meavona escaped the border-line abusive family she was born into and fled. Some stories say she arrived in Franner , others say it was Libram , capital of Bilbios . All agree it was a proverbial big city of some type. It was there, she met what would become the love of her life and would form the basis of her belief going forward. The identity of the person, unlike other details, is surprisingly well known. A human gentleman, about 15 years older, helped her out and saved her from a life on the streets. Whilst there was originally some distrust from her and others, she grew to love and care for him and the new friends he introduced her to. When he died, her heart was broken and she never loved another the same way or with the same intensity, although she did have many new friends and a large new found-family of people who did care for her.  

Ascension to divinity

It was not long after the death of her older partner that Meavona began digging into what some could call necromancy. There was nothing evil in her intentions, but she missed her beloved so much and wished to speak with him again. Whilst this path didn’t bear any fruit, it did lead to a startling discovery – The existence of Godshard . Abandoning the “speak with dead” route, she threw herself heart and soul into finding a shard that would suit her needs. Eventually, one found her. Her passion and drive, not only to be able to communicate with her lost love and to prevent anyone from having the same early life she did resonated with the shard. It found her goals noble and her motives , mostly pure. It could understand the pain of loss of your one love and the joy in finding a family that accepts you for who and what you are. Some stories say the shard was guided to her by her lost love, a story that is not discouraged. Regardless of where it came from, it found her and the bargain was struck. Meavona would become the next generation of the deity of Love and relationships. Some tales say her first act was to strike a deal of some kind with a another deity, possible one in charge of death of various afterlives for the soul of her partner.

Divine Domains

  • Love
  • Relationships
  • Friendships

Holy Books & Codes

There is no book as such, but many of her advocates (she doesn’t like her higher followers calling themselves clerics) are encouraged to write about their own personal experiences and tips that might help others.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The heart is one traditional symbol, but the correct version is multiple hands (two, three or more) holding a heart with their fingers entwinned.

Tenets of Faith

Essentially, the major tenents of her faith are based on her early and later mortal life: 

  • Family is the people you choose to be with
  • Everyone deserves true love
  • Just because someone is right for you, doesnt mean you are right for them. Your goal is to find the the person (or persons) that you are right for and they for you
  • Some people are happy on their own and thats ok
  • people on Aromantic Spectrum are perfectly valid

As you can imagine the “church” of Meavona is often called in to bless marriages, unions, partnerships and so on.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

The major goal for the Meavona faith is that people should find the love/relationship that makes them the happiest, from the more traditional type, to Aromantic and anything else. It can be with one other, none or many.


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