23 September 2021

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[World Anvil] – Prophecy of the 12

Prophecy of the 12

“Behold, for the 12 were sent forth into the world. Their arrival shall be marked by signs and portents. Thay shall learn of the world, grow in it and be its protectors from the coming Firestorm of The Five….” 

  • Belived traslantion of verse 1 , Prophercy 12


 In a world where diviners exist and mortals can communicate with timeless and supernatural beings, prophecies and predictions take on a new level. One take is that they are not so much visions of the future, but a way of remembering the future, where one’s memories are in flux and mutable, to allow for free will and so on. Many prophecy collections exist , with vary degrees of reliability, such as… 

  • Boondraga’s Predictions – Known for being spooky accurate in predicting events connected to rulers and nobles, but not believed until afterwards due to a spelling error
  • The Greatoak Tablets – That covers seasonal and natural events
  • The Stones of Mire – Accurate predictions, but was not discovered until 26 years after the last prediction of the author’s death, which involved a centaur, a cursed dagger, and a pastry

One, however, is believed to be if not the first, then amongst the first found – The so-called “Prophecy of the 12”  

Prophecy of the 12

 The Prophecy of the 12 (P12) was written in a form of celestial/divine language so old, so say it may have been the first language or the one used by the first generation of gods. The nature of this dialect is a paradox in of itself. It can change, the word flow and alter as the reader interprets them, yet still, maintains its original message. This changeable nature of the text, open to interpretation and misunderstanding has hindered things somewhat, but clues seem to indicate that this might be a deliberate act. Originally found on a form of enchanted obsidian tablets, the one who created this item of interest left notes to indicate that this, in turn, was copied from a much older item, believed to pre-date the Mage-War and the ascension of Halen by hundreds, if not thousands of years.  This had made translating P12 fully and accurately quite hard. It is split into three parts. There is a short bit, in comparison to other parts, that is almost like an introduction, giving clues and context to the rest of the details of P12. This introduction seems to serve as a test to see if the reader is worthy/correct/allowed to proceeds. As the verses, sometimes referred to as canticles/verses/stanzas they become harder and harder to extract useful information from.   

Part One

 Part One, in general deals with a group. It seems to allude to an experiment/hope/design/creation of a group of children, each batch/group being 12, a number that crops up time and time again in Easthalens history and mythology. With their birth/arrival/ascension to help stop/prevent/negate the “Firestorm of The Five.” Covers three groups: 

  1. The Lost – The first group. Signs indicate that something horrible happened to them, but the details are, oddly, clear and warn the reader to not try and seek them out/gain knowledge for any reason.
  2. The Second – This covers the second attempt experiment/birth/creation. This is a bit vaguer than the first and tells of how, the birth/creation/arrival was successful, but something happened to the children not long afterwards and this side of things was also abandoned. The context here seems to suggest that the author does not know if this could be considered a success, but that some of the Second Group will play a part, but on which side of things is unknown.
  3. The Children of the Sun – This description seems to be written in a way that indicates that this birth/creation/arrival was successful. The “Children of the Sun” refers to the fact that each of the 12. These children of “those born directly of and from the divine” – which seems to indicate that the Children of the Sun (CotS) are in some way all born with a divine presence or attribute to them.

The last group, the CotS, have the most details about them. Each has some mark of the divine about. Each had supernatural events occur at their birth/arrival. Details on who they are is not mentioned but a sentence or two says “They shall become aware of each other when they meet, revealing their divine self to each other and the knowledge of the verse/canticles shall pass onto them.” The rest of part 1 gives information/clues needed to translate/understand/absorb Part 2, with the warning/instructions that some verse will be harder to understand/translate and all shall become clear in time.  

Part Two

  As mentioned above, the language/dialect the original P12 was written in makes fully understanding Part 2 harder. Each canticle/verse/stanza is more complex than the last, with references to each other, possible events, warning and other text that can even contradict each other. As such for each of the 12 verse, only a few bits of information, less than a sentence or two, has been fully agreed on and translated. 

  1. Angel not born of Angel
  2. Wings of Silver
  3. Son of the dirt & stone
  4. The head of Thunder
  5. City lost to time (maybe space – some debate over if this is literal or metaphorical)
  6. Tyrant of Knowledge
  7. Bridge of Stars/Starbridge
  8. Emerald Savant
  9. Keeper of the Worlds Outline
  10. Greenwoods Guardian
  11. Secret Power of the West
  12. Untranslatable , possibly written in some kind of code. Some suspect that the revelation/translation of the last Canticle will be the signal for the start of the end times, the Firestorm of the Five, and all the events that follow on from that that the Children of the Sun are here to prevent.


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