23 September 2021

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[World Building] Settlements

This week’s set of world-building questions is themed around settlements in general. These are fairly generic and can be applied to almost any town, village, city etc, starting off with the name and going from there. The terms city, village, settlement etc, unless specified, can be used interchangeably for these prompts.

  1. What is the settlements name?
  2. When was it founded?
  3. Why was it founded?
  4. Who/What established it?
  5. Where is it located?
  6. What is the breakdown of the population?
  7. Where does the city obtain its resources?
  8. Are there any wards/subdivisions/boroughs and what are their names?
  9. What, if any, defences does the location have?
  10. What major events have occurred since the location was founded?

Bonus Question

What is a secret or fact known only to a few people about this place?


The list of previous and other world-building prompts can be found HERE.

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